Carol Naylor

Spanish Lavender


Illustration - Spanish Lavender 42cm x 53cm - Diana Springall Collection

Commissions are an important aspect of Carol’s work. She has carried out site specific commissions for several Hospital Trusts and has work in notable private and corporate collections.
She can make large scale pieces as well as smaller, more intimate works.
Please contact her if you would like to discuss an idea for a commission.
The dialogue between the maker and the commissioner is an exciting and productive experience and one that she really enjoys. She makes drawings and designs to begin with, and then develops ideas for her clients to look at before agreeing on a final image.
Colours, scale and hanging methods are just some of the issues that are decided on together.

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2018 Private Collection Prof J Grey, Illinois, USA
2016 Private commission, Bouton, Cesson, France
2014 Private Commission Bessac and Bouton, Annecy, France
2012 Private Commission, K and S Stedman, Dubai and West Sussex
2008 Collection Diana Springall Contemporary Embroidery Collection
2005 Collection GlaxoSmithKline
2005 Commission Frimley Park Hospital Trust, Surrey
2004 Chichester University, Bishop Otter Art Collection
2004 Commission Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford Essex
2003 Commission and Residency Riverhead School, Kent
2003 Collection Leeds Education Authority
2000 Collection St Mary's Hospital, Newport, IOW
1999 Collection Welburn and Co. Solicitors, Abbotsworthy, Winchester
1998 Commission: SE Festival of Craftsmanship at Petworth, now in private collection.
1997 Commission: Triptych St. Richard's Hospital Trust, Chichester
1996 Collection: Art Gallery and Museum, University of California at Long Beach, Los Angeles.
1994 Commission St. Richard's Hospital Trust Chichester
1994 Collection Beja Municipal Collection, Portugal